Leadership Development:
The Key to Success

Leadership development is critical to long-term, sustained performance and growth.

 “… the ultimate measure of leadership success is excellence. That level of performance is a goal, not a standard, and that is the difference …”

“Leaders of character and competence act to achieve excellence.”

FM 22-100: Army Leadership

Great organizations attract great members. Whether it is the national university rankings with Ivy League Colleges claiming four or more spots in the top ten, or professional sports where a few teams dominate in the post-season more than the rest, aspiring individuals want to be a part of a winning culture.

Once they arrive, students or players have the advantage of being immersed in an environment where they are surrounded by the best in their field. 

Similarly, those interested in leadership training, or more accurately, leadership development, come to realize that the military services (i.e., Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force) are widely recognized for teaching those qualities of a good leader to their members.

“The United States Military educates and trains the most effective and progressive leaders in the world. … these professionals bring with them a powerful combination of purpose, work ethic, leadership, and an unmistakable drive to succeed.”

The Lucas Group, Recruiting Firm

The military’s record of leadership development  is well documented.  Gallup and others (Pew, Harris) repeatedly rank the military at the top of their polls. 

Firms like the Lucas Group have made a business of recruiting military officers.  They, and Cameron-Brooks, who centers its business on recruiting junior military officers, have served corporate America for nearly 50 years. 

These recruiters and a number of well-known firms recognize the value of military leaders, and a few Fortune 500 offer dedicated programs to onboard junior military officers, including Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Pepsico.


What is a Leadership Development?   

The Army definition of leadership includes anyone who …

  • inspires and influences people to accomplish organizational goals,
  • motivates others to pursue actions,
  • focuses thinking, and
  • shapes decisions for the greater good of the organization.

Rather than be preoccupied with perfection, great leaders work to:

  • build a climate that encourages prudent risk taking and creativity;
  • exercise (their authority in a manner) that tolerates honest mistakes;
  • promote learning; and
  • promote leadership development,  helping others become the best they can be.

FM 22-100: Army Leadership

Whether you are an emerging leader or an employer looking to find the best managers to fill your most critical positions, consider why a values-based and character-based culture is so important to developing military leaders.

Values Based Leadership

Organizations attract people based not on the values they espouse, but those they live. For the U.S. Army, these values centered upon this acronym, L-D-R-S-H-I-P:

  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Respect
  • Selfless service
  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Personal courage

Finally, discover why Cameron-Brooks touts The Benefits of Hiring Junior Military Officers with Fortune 500 employers.  You’ll discover comments like. They:

  1. Are exceptional managers & strong contributors.
  2. Have a level of experience that most companies find hard to duplicate in the first 4 to 10 years of corporate life.
  3. Demonstrate maturity, judgment, accountability, adaptability, and problem solving skills.
  4. Have proven track record of managing people, materials, projects, budgets and themselves. You eliminate many risks when you hire proven performers.
  5. Are results-oriented; accustomed to handling tough, demanding jobs.
  6. Bring attitudes that have a sense of duty and loyalty to the company, which from our experience, results in higher retention for our client companies.
  7. Understand how to get the job done.
  8. Are excellent team players.
  9. Learn how to develop internal and external relationships; learn from their superiors, peers and subordinates;
  10. Identify what matters; adapt as needed to get the job done and do so with integrity and professionalism for the good of the company, not themselves.

Or, review testimonials from employers who use military recruiters:

-       Bradley Morris

-       Lucas Group

Are you challenged with:

  • Determining priorities and maintaining clarity or focus?
  • Reducing workload by delegating and empowering?
  • Motivating, influencing, or inspiring your staff or team?
  • Communicating your vision and gaining buy in from your team?

If you are interested in …

  • Developing leaders who are able to drive results
  • Building teams who achieve goals
  • Improving communication and productivity skills that include problem solving, decision-making, and time management

I invite you to explore this website for ideas that will influence your approach to developing managers, building teams, and effective communications that will take your organization to the next level and to improve the quality of your personal and professional life.

by Tom Crea

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