Use Your
Employee Development Plan
to Drive Performance

  • Use your employee development plan to align objectives with employee goal setting efforts and drive performance.

Performance planning stems from management’s strategic vision.When done well, it logically continues throughout the company until employee goal setting efforts align individual job goals with the corporate mission.

A good leader can inspire and motivate others best when they work together with their employees to achieve goals.

Motivated employees who feel empowered demonstrate greater initiative, and in turn, inspire confidence so that leaders feel comfortable delegating important tasks to them.

This dynamic leads to greater confidence, increased initiative, and more delegation; a win-win scenario for everyone.

Additionally, leaders who include employees in setting performance goals will achieve better results than those who dictate objectives on their own.

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The Importance of Employee Participation

By working together and being inclusive, leaders demonstrate openness while promoting dignity and respect.

When identifying goals and working together during employee goal setting efforts leaders will help employees satisfy their long term career goals while aligning efforts with the corporate employee development plan. In this way, the goals become shared goals that will drive performance.

When communicating, the key point is to achieve common understanding, and being inclusive promotes cooperation and establishes trust, further advancing employee motivation that is so critical for long-term success.

Planning is the First Step

Planning is the first step in driving performance and achieving results. Once you have established the setting where employees want to be involved because you have made this a joint activity, the rest becomes easier.

Next, performance involves setting job goals, providing critical feedback, conducting interim reviews, and completing the performance evaluation.

Make the Process a Valuable Experience

Employees want to be involved.

Leaders who are inclusive often discover that employees will present more ambitious goals than the leader might have proposed.

By including employees throughout the process, you will experience a better exchange of ideas and perhaps more important, promote dignity and instill greater motivation.

Then, you will be able to transform the appraisal process into a valuable learning experience.

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Setting Performance Goals

Setting performance goals is the first step toward accomplishing your objectives. Set realistic and challenging goals that are achievable; the end-state everyone wants.

Performance Feedback

Constructive performance feedback is critical toward helping employees achieve great things. Discover the key to improved employee work performance.

Employee Performance Review

A constructive way of conducting an employee performance review is to hold interim session before the final appraisal, making them part of a continuous employee development process.

Employee Performance Evaluations

Reduce stress and get the most out of your employee performance evaluations. Make them a small part of the continuous learning process.

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